You can’t always get what you want

I’ve been on a smoothie kick. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a ‘kick’ just yet. I had one yesterday and one today. It comes from an intense longing for Jamba Juice. Now would you believe that the only Jamba in the immediate area is in the dining hall at UNC? I’m sorry but what is that about? I need a strawberry tsunami. You have no idea. In fact, I was enjoying a delicious Jamba that day I…

And on that note, about fifteen minutes ago, I felt like throwing a child-size fit, complete with rolling around on the floor and pounding fists and red-faced screaming. All because I couldn’t have Jamba Juice.

Oh come on, people. Read between the lines.

Last night at work, I witnessed the cops kick someone out of the library. Apparently this guy has been trespassed from the entire campus, which begs the question (okay, so technically it doesn’t beg the question but I like the phrase so deal with it), how do they know if he’s trespassing? It’s a pretty sizable campus. I’m not even sure how they knew he was in the library but there he was, being kicked out by four cops.

Speaking of baddies in the library, yesterday afternoon I went upstairs to borrow a camera only to discover that some punk broke into the media lab over the weekend and stole all the cameras, all the iPods, all the Zens, all the camcorders, and a laptop. I hope they catch whoever it is because that’s a lot of merchandise and a lot of money. I know there are about 20 of each mp3 player. I’m not sure how many cameras or camcorders they had. At any rate, it made me angry at whoever did it because I wanted to borrow a camera to feed my macro obsession and now I can’t.

Well, until BFF comes home and falls asleep (I just got off the phone with her, she’s in Houston and sounds very sleepy) and I can steal her D50. Mwahahaha!

Random aside and complaint #3896: the staff bathroom down here sucks teh eggs. Yesterday someone taped a sign to the door: floor wet/oily (?) CAUTION!. Ew. Oily? I went in to investigate last night before coming home and yep. Oily. Or sticky. I couldn’t decide which. Today there’s a new sign: floor is damp PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!! I think it’s safe to say I won’t be visiting that bathroom until the floor is bone dry. I don’t know about you but dipping the hem of my pants in an unknown liquid substance in a bathroom isn’t high on my list of things to-do.

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  1. my daily routine: i go to the Robek’s in the morning on the way to work and pick up a Raspberry Romance smoothie (they know me by name now), and then many days, for lunch, i go to the Jamba Juice by where i work and get a Berry Fullfilling, and the guy there has learned my name too! i LOVE it!!!

    meanwhile, i got the MagicBullet blender thing for christmas, which i have yet to use! you’d think i’d just go to the store and pick up some berries and make my own damn smoothies. it’d be cheaper. but then i wouldn’t have the fun name-recognition and feel like a smoothie celebrity.

    hehe. MagicBullet. how pervy.

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