The bitchery continues

I sent a ranty email to Melissa that was basically me making absolutely no sense as I vaguely screamed about work and how I want everyone to die, especially stupid students who want me to do their chemistry homework for them. Whatever. The ranty email didn’t make me feel any better, so I thought I’d drag the bitchery to the blog because it’s my blog and you know what? If you don’t like it, you are more than welcome to surf in the opposite direction.

I was supposed to go across the street after work to have drinks with coworkers and the PLEASE LIKE ME side of me still wants to go but stomach hurts and my head hurts and I don’t think they’ll pay any more attention to me on Monday if I hang out with them in a bar tonight. I’m going home, I’m putting on my pajamas, and I’m getting into bed. I’m going to make another delicious salad or maybe just eat the rest of the chicken. I’m going to watch movies. And maybe tomorrow I’ll drive to the cheap theatre and watch a movie for $1.50. Or maybe I’ll just sit in front of the television all day. Or maybe I’ll go to Borders.

This isn’t a nice thing to say but honestly, right now I want to be selfish. I want my life to be all about me. I want to be wealthy and spoiled and taken care of. I want to never have to wear work clothes that have been mended and stitched and mended again and are still ripped. I want a fast, expensive car. I want to wear a size 2. I want to have meaningless relationships. I want my world to revolve around me.

I hate days like this.


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  1. You wan a meanyliss alationship wif ME? You don’t want to be my bes fwend no moh? *cries*

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