AC 360; or how Gloria Vanderbilt is sh*tting a cow

Is it sad that I popped popcorn to watch Anderson Cooper 360 tonight? I mean, I’ve been looking forward to this since I found out they shipped him to Israel. Because Anderson Cooper is good when he’s in the studio, he’s better when he’s doing a report from the field, and he’s best when he’s in the thick of it. He was tethered to a balcony during Ivan, scolded by a fellow anchor during Katrina for stepping out from the protection of a building to watch the wind destroy a huge sign, and now he’s outside in northern Israel doing his show live in a town where everyone else has taken shelter in bunkers. Not only that but he’s talking with a fellow journalist, Nick Robertson, and poor Nick looks like he hasn’t seen a bed in about three days while Anderson looks better and better the sleepier he gets and the longer he goes without a shower and a shave.

All of this brings back memories of watching some guy named Charles hide in a hotel during the Gulf War while shells and mortar fell all around him. We hadn’t had our satellite long and my dad picked up news feeds, so we got to watch them without commercials and sometimes where the commercials would be, we’d get the “behind the scenes” moments of sheer terror on the part of that journalist. I remember thinking he was either brave or crazy.

There are some crazy birds in the trees around Anderson Cooper. Each time they cut back to him, he looks a little worse (worse meaning HOTTER) and ….HOLY CRAP! That was scary. He was talking and then suddenly he whipped around with this terrified expression on his face. I think something blew up. Or a car backfired.

So, um, I hope he lives. I might cry if he died.


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