On second thought

Maybe I shouldn’t have talked about self love and um, gratification on Howie Day’s blog.

And really, what is up with Squinty McGee and his obsession with the pig in Germany?

We’re going to have a QUOTY moment:

[Paris is reduced to a smouldering pile of rubble]
Joe: Bonjour everyone! Don’t worry. Everything is bon! We stopped the terrorists.


[Kim Jong Il receives a Chechen terrorist at his palace]
Kim Jong Il: Fe jong sow mae tow mae chauwba inchawmida.
Translator: Our dear leader, Kim Jong Il, says the weapons of mass destruction you requested are ready for you to take.
Chechen Leader: I am still in the process of recruiting and training new terrorists for the attack. We take weapons later.
Kim Jong Il: Poin jang tee mam hinon poi tow me dat pee ping jang paa!!
Translator: He asks what part of the deal you did not understand. He says perhaps his transrator did not make it clear to you. He says he should fire his translator?
[Kim Jong Il shoots the translator.]
Kim Jong Il: Do you have any idea how f*cking busy I am? I cannot berieve that I actually have a Chechnyan standing here, telling me when he’s gonna take a derivery. Herro?
Chechen Leader: Perhaps we can be ready sooner.
Kim Jong Il: Yes, perhaps you can. Now take your weapons of mass destwuction, and get the f*ck out of here.


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