Seaman ship for peace!

So Anderson Cooper (heart! him!) has lost his mind and likes to play bizarre video clips during his show. His favorite is called “Seaman Ship” (I’s just too perfect for words) and that features a bunch of Japanese seamen (seamans?) dancing around to this horrible techno music…on a seaman ship…and the lyrics sound something like, “SEAMAN SIP! SEAMAN SIP FOR PEACE!” And when Anderson plays this clip, no one is allowed to talk. The last time he played it, he seriously shushed and scolded someone for speaking. He just showed it again after showing a NEW clip he found, also of Japanese origin. It’s an animated potty training video. With animated poo.

On CNN, the most trusted name in news.

And dancing poo, apparently.


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  1. Ha! Animated poo on CNN! How can you NOT LOVE Anderson Cooper. I mean really!

  2. He needs to play that awesome video of the two Chinese college students lip syncing to “I Want It That Way.”

    Cause we all KNOW Anderson wants it THAT way. Winkwinknudgenudge.

    What I’m saying is that he’s the gay.

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