I can’t let go of your hand

Finally. Some good news. You know, completely tied in with all the rest of my life where everything is just a huge mess. I came home to a somewhat thick envelope from Washington Mutual, my former bank. Well, actually my account is still open but I was overdrawn $52 and hadn’t paid it off yet. A few months ago, I contacted them about paying that off since we don’t have Washington Mutual here. I even got a nasty letter from them saying that they’d send a collection agency after me if I didn’t pay it off. Even though $52 isn’t a lot of money, I haven’t had that to spare since that account was overdrawn back in March. So I mailed them a check and a deposit slip. The check cleared my account and then I come home to this thing from WaMu. It was a check for the amount I had written my check for along with a note saying I hadn’t included a WaMu deposit slip. My bad. I decided to deposit that check and wait until next payday to try paying it off again since I really need that $52. On a whim, I logged onto WaMu to check my scary negative balance.

Someone wiped my negative balance. My account is zero. I owe nothing. My account was credited back in May. I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I am about this.

In other news, I’m tired of this insomnia. It’s wearing me out and wearing me down. At some point this evening, the little cloud of sad nestled itself over my head and I’m back to teary-eyed moments of “how can I go on?” and a strong desire to hole up in my apartment for a few days and not talk to anyone.


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  1. You have good bank stories. My bank stories suck because MY BANK IS THE DEVIL.

    Yes, that is the sole reason for this post.

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