Freedom costs a buck-oh-five

Clearly all this Kim Jong Il talk has thrust me into the world of quoting Team America with glee. Yesterday during our false fire alarm, as my coworkers and I stood out under a tree chatting, David asked Megan if she had seen Team America. She shook her head ‘no’ and then looked squarely at me with a grin – we had just talked about it the night before – and said, “No, but she has.” Which made David nearly double over with laughter. I’ve yet to figure out why that was so funny. At any rate, I wish I owned that because I’d watch it tonight and laugh heartily.

I barely scanned this article about Mann Coulter, the link to which I lifted from a comment over at Rude Cactus, because the picture scared the bejeebus out of me. She looks more and more freakish every day. You’d think with all the soul-sucking she has been doing lately she’d at least get some meat on her bones. I guess she sticks to fat free souls.

Now we’re going to switch gears and talk about books, writers, and Mel Brooks. The cool thing about working in a library is the access to all these quirky, specific reference materials that I had no idea existed. Yesterday we got a little catalog in the mail offering up the latest in this literature series written by some guy I had never heard of before but is apparently a big deal because we have some of the books in the catalog omg. This guy has not only written books on movements and eras and genres but he has also written books on writers, books, and characters. For instance, he has an entire reference book devoted to Elizabeth Bennett. I know, right? Flipping through the catalog paired with a conversation from a few days ago wherein I admitted one of my favorite books (poem?) ever is Dante’s Inferno (I just realized that I use the same format for books, poems, and movies…heh.) caused me to do a quick search in our facility for books on Dante.

That’s when I found books about Dante and Joyce. As in, books comparing their work. As in, two of my favorite authors who I had never previously thought had anything in common apparently do. Maybe I’m slow on the uptake (as I’m about to demonstrate) but holy cow! I can’t wait to read those books.

Here’s the embarrassing part, mainly because I’m a fan of Joyce and didn’t even know this. Of course, I’ve never read Ulysses, so maybe that’s why I didn’t connect the two. My point being, if you’ve seen The Producers (either movie version or the musical), you know that there’s a fabulous character named Leo Bloom. Leopold Bloom, to be exact. Named for the Leopold Bloom in Ulysses. An homage, of sorts. This, of course, led me on a search to find all the “goodies” in the latest release of The Producers, where I uncovered the quote “when is it going to be Bloom’s day?” (Bloomsday – celebrated by Ulysses fans each year on June 16 to commemorate the obscene pubbing Bloom and his friend did in the book, on June 16) and the unnoticed (by me) calendar in Bialystock and Bloom’s office that always reads June 16. (There are other little touches o’ Brooks throughout the movie but they don’t have as much to do with Joyce – mainly other musicals…and Brooks’ own movies, as usual.)

So basically I’m going to be on a Joyce/Dante/Brooks spree for a while. Consider yourselves warned.


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  1. I look forward to hearing about it all. I miss having the time to actually read real books. And sadly, I miss having Wallen to explain them all to me. heh

  2. I want to take Drama again. That class was outrageously fun. Damn, Wallen is cool.

  3. It’s my understanding that no one in the history of the world has ever ACTUALLY READ Ulysses. ;)

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