New skillets

I planned on staying in today because of the raunchy heat and humidity and also to avoid the mass of drunken hooligans congregating around the pool ten feet from my door, but one look at Paul Anka this morning sent me into a tizzy. He looked awful. Raggedy, upset, and anxious. I know what you’re thinking. He’s just a fish. How can you tell he felt that way? Well, he’s my BABY and a mother knows when her baby doesn’t feel well. I promptly cleaned his bowl and gave him fresh rocks. He was very upset about being put into his tiny dish while the bowl was being cleaned. I have to graduate him to a larger size because he has grown so much in almost seven months. Then it was off to Petco for some medicine. But as usual, I got distracted by all the pretty in the store. I fell in heart with the big eyed squirrel fish, which darted around their tank like crazies, stopping every now and then. With their big eyes, they looked constantly terrified and when they’d stop to assess the situation, I could only picture Dory when she first meets Marlon and forgets she’s supposed to be helping him.

THEN I looked at the mice and fell in love. They also had an angora rabbit. I had never seen one before and it was the cutest thing EVER. Also, the ferrets were being quite playful, jumping all over the place. A couple joined me in watching their antics and when the sales lady came over to see how we were, the couple left and the lady got one of the ferrets out. I was afraid to pet him (afraid it would make me want to bring him home…and also that it might claw me) but he was so.cute.

Then I went across the parking lot to Target and got two short sleeved shirts for work for $8 total. I also bought a new skillet to replace one of the crappy skillets we bought when I moved here. Hopefully this one will last. I also bought some dishwashing soap.

I’m sure you’re all thrilled that this is how I’ve spent my day. The heat has given me a headache (boo), so I think I’ll go watch Last Holiday and contemplate eating something.

Erm. Yes. And I’ll also work on the site.


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