Janice Dickinson shows her smarts

So I don’t like Janice Dickinson. She annoys me. She’s so concerned with everything being perfect that she hasn’t looked in the mirror lately and noticed how much of a train wreck she resembles. However, when it’s the Fourth of July and there’s nothing on television, I will watch her stupid reality show about starting her own modeling agency. She has a girl on the show who is Sudanese. They just played a sound bite of Ms. Dick saying, “She’s already an asset because she’s from Africa. I admire her for doing this because she comes from a small African country.” (paraphrase)

I made a graphic to show what a small African country looks like.


She just fired these freakish Village of the Damned triplets she hired as assistants. Crazy.

I hate it when the internets totally disappoint me and don’t turn up pictures of that hottastic guy Ian Thomas that Janice Dickinson hired. He quit on like, the second episode because he got a job as a suit (in fact he was wearing the suit when he came in to tell her..rawr). I’m not much of a male model girl. But this guy was hot. Blue eyes. It was the blue eyes that got me.

It’s fun to listen to her tell everyone how fat they are. I mean, I understand. They’re models. They’re supposed to be as flawless as humanly possible. But she just told a woman who was large in the chest area but nowhere else that she could either do option A or go for a plus-size job.

I am plus-sized. This woman? Was so not. And nothing is more frustrating that seeing plus-size clothes on the body of someone who is at the most a size 10. Which isn’t plus-size. I mean, how would all the size 6 girls feel if stores were to put their clothes on a size 16?

Clearly I’m bored with nothing better to do with my time. Today sucked big time. I turned the tv over to PBS just in time to catch the last 30 seconds of the fireworks in D.C.


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  1. I didn’t know you had another blog, or I swear I would have been a much more dedicated reader and comment…er.

    Is this even posting?

    Anyway…you have a fish! I love fish.

    I need to catch up, clearly.

  2. Yay Kim! You commented! ;)

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