Sudden showers

Today was exhausting, for some reason. I am so tired right now that as soon as I finish this pointless post, I’m going to wash my face and get in bed with a book. I’m feeling particularly melancholy; I’m sure it has something to do with starting Ghost Rider and reading about Jackie and Selena dying and Neil Peart sobbing in his father’s arms. I feel a little on edge, a little cracked, maybe like I could sleep for ages.

About a block from campus, it started raining. It was a bizarre little rain shower that meant business. A similar downpour had visited my apartment complex and the outlying area and as I sat at the red light with my window down, the steamy, sticky sweet smell of the pavement and the ground and the grass blended with Mazzy Star’s Into Dust and made me wistful.

Meeting The Blogger and her entourage went very well, even if our time was extremely limited. She is very sweet and fun, as is her entourage. I think her hubby thought I was a total loser. I think he was glad to see me go.


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  1. I did not think that at all – in actuality, I was pretty mopey due to the relentless humidity, long weekend, and unwanted tag alongs – and that was not directed at you. Just know that had we all been out to sea on a sinking raft, you would not have been my first choice to throw overboard. ;)Anyhow, it was nice meeting you, despite how short lived it was. I think under more normal, or just less chaotic circumstances, we all could have had more fun.

  2. Dude, Absurdity – did Jason just comment on your blog?


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