Two fish family

Well, Paul Anka seems to be adjusting well. Why shouldn’t he? He’s still in his big, spacious bowl. Pass, on the other hand, wants a piece of Paul Anka. Like whoa. His little home is a big smaller than Paul Anka’s but Pass? Doesn’t seem smart enough to know when his little home ends. He is so hell-bent on getting over to Paul Anka that he runs into the side of his home. Repeatedly. I moved them apart so maybe Pass wouldn’t be so engrossed by Paul Anka, who is mostly lounging around. When I go over, he swims a little but doesn’t really seem to care about Pass. Have I mentioned that Paul Anka is twice the size of Pass? He reigns supreme as the king fish. It’s pretty much awesome. After talking to ku nkiko last night, we’re going to become a fish-and-possibly-a-mouse family. I think we’ll buy a ten gallon fish tank, buy some communal fish, and THEN maybe later get a little mouse. I’m excited!


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