And then there were none

Started earlier this afternoon:

It all started with the bright-eyed legal affairs intern I helped this morning while dropping something off at the desk. Here, then gone. The day whirled by, a flurry of activity – going away lunch, going away party, covering an hour, helping a student understand her pay stub. Then a phone call from the Best Friend that profoundly depressed me; I’ve yet to understand. Now I debate – do I go to a movie? Do I rent a movie? Do I just go home and sleep? Do I go home and drink myself numb?

And a continuation.

I’m home. I opted for renting and beer. Renting turned into renting and buying as Blockbuster was having a big sale on both. I am uncomfortable, anxious, agitated, incredibly down. Not at the edge but very near with nothing to hold onto as this all spirals out of my hands.

Mommy, may I play with danger?


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