Gitmo syntax

So the Supreme Court just ruled that bin Laden’s former bodyguard/bitch is protection, to some degree, under the Geneva Convention, which of course, the Bush administration guffaws at because this is not a prisoner of war. He’s an “enemy combatant” in the “War on Terror.” So if we’re involved in a war, be it an ideological one or an actual things-blowing-up-soldiers-dying-in-country one, wouldn’t that make the people captured prisoners of war? Who are fighting in this “war on terror”? Terrorists! What do we think this Yemeni guy is? A terrorist!

CNN aired a clip of Squinty McGee in Vienna talking about how he’d like to “end” Gitmo but some of these people need to be tried in American courts because they are “cold-blooded killers.” Why American courts? Am I stupid? I know I totally didn’t pay attention in Civics, even when Coach Pace made half an effort to teach, and I know I totally didn’t even buy the book for my Poli Sci class in undergrad but did this guy commit some crime here in the U.S.? If he did, why is he being held in Gitmo?

I’m so confused.


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