My mommy says I’m special

So special, in fact, that Nyquil won’t even put me to sleep for longer than two hours!

I want to buy a car from Marc Jacobson just so I can meet him and ask him what the eff is up with his accent. BFF, you are missing his “dog days of summer” commercials that involve a little long-haired white lap dog.

Nyquil makes me hungry!


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  1. I am so proud of you, my munchkin. Good girl to drink all your NyQuil down. What a little princess! You must have a best friend somewhere who is just beaming and missing you like crazy, I’ll bet.

  2. girl, i have BEEN there. you know it’s bad when the Q and the tylenol PM and all the heavy duty shit doesn’t keep you asleep. hell, i’m on a whole crapload of prescription meds that are all “we’re gonna make you sleeeeeeeepy!” hahah! lies. i love you!!!!

  3. Sounds like you didn’t take enough. Next time? Try vodka.Feel better!!

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