And the sleep, it doesn’t stay

I’m in the final throes of this stupid cold, I believe. You know the stage: your throat is extra scratchy and dry and things begin draining from your head via your sinus cavities. I know, right? It sounds so appetizing. Because of going through this stage, I couldn’t sleep last night. Then on the way to work this morning, there was this big stupid accident that backed traffic up for about ten miles. My car threatens to overheat when the car is sitting still or creeping, which meant I couldn’t turn on the a/c (plus I didn’t want to burn up the gas more than necessary) but also meant that I had to turn on the heat to keep my car from freaking out and overheating. So it was about 200 degrees in my car and my service engine soon light came on and I was drenched in sweat when I got to work and it was lovely. It also made the feeling better part of the day disappear. Then a huge storm (see below – it was worse than that at 5:00pm) rolled through just in time for everyone to get off work, so I stayed later than usual to avoid most of the rain and traffic. I stayed until the closing bell, which scared the sh*t out of my boss and me, started ringing. Traffic wasn’t too bad. Quick trip to the grocery. Thank goodness payday is in a week. I came home and dropped my stuff on the kitchen counter and noticed, as I plugged in my very dead cell phone, that something kept clicking. And that that something sounded like my iron. Lo and behold, it was my iron. I left it on this morning. Thank God SO MUCH that it didn’t burn down the building. It didn’t even scorch the cover on the ironing board.

A few hours ago I accidentally bought The Family Stone through On Demand. I thought there would be some sort of confirmation screen that I could back out of but noooo. But it was nice because I was bored and wanted something to watch and it was a very good movie. I love Rachel McAdams.

And…that’s all. It’s stuffy in here. My throat really hurts.


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