Okay, Raleigh, that’s sick

When I leave work, it is dark. The sky might be still slightly very dark blue but for the most part, it’s dark. My way is illuminated by various lamps and lights that dot campus. Tonight as I left work, I saw something large scurry near my foot and I moved out of its way because something was scurrying near my foot. It was a cockroach. A giant cockroach. Big and giant, about the size of a squirrel. Or maybe a tarantula. Later, as I was sitting at the corner waiting for the light to change, I noticed something moving at the opposite corner, near the parking lot of the mechanic there. It was a GIANT RAT. A big nasty giant rat who chose to run into the street just as I was crossing the intersection and I don’t like to squash furry things, no matter how nasty and vile and plague-carrying, so I swerved to avoid him but really if the stupid giant rat got hit, he had it coming to him.

So Raleigh, you’re gross. I’m just saying.

My Anderson was on The Daily Show tonight. He giggled a lot. I think he has a crush on Jon Stewart. I mean, who could blame him? Seeing those two together is like peeking into paradise, as far as I’m concerned.

I geeked out at work to someone about Africa.

You know that episode of Sports Night where Rebecca comes down to the studio and watches a broadcast of the show? And she’s being all silly and girly and leaning on the desk and after she goes to stand behind the cameras, Casey says to Dan, “Hard not to like her.” and Dan says, “Tell me about it.”? I don’t think I’d mind someone thinking the same about me.


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  1. Sweetie! You ARE like that! How can someone NOT like you?? You are WONDERFUL and beautiful and amazingly talented! You don’t know it, but that guy across the room? He’s TOTALLY checking you out. Yes, right now. Quick, laugh! Smile! You’ve got him. :)

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