Friday Ten on Saturday morning

1. Coldplay – Everything’s Not Lost
I’m of the opinion that Parachutes is one of the best albums ever made, if only because of what it does to my brain every time I hear it. Coldplay is one of my many guilty pleasures. I don’t want to be known as a Coldplay fan or as being in love with Chris Martin. Listening to Coldplay generally transports me away from where I am physically and deposits me into a place I feel I belong. My nirvana. My heaven. My happy place. And if you saw this place, you’d wonder how it could possibly be a happy place. But it is. And this song is always reminds me, quite pointedly, that everything’s not lost. That Chris Martin, he’s so clever.

2. Damien Rice – Amie
I’ve been obsessively listening to Damien Rice lately, so I like that this popped up. Damien Rice makes me want to pack up my Coldplay and move to England.

3. Bobby Vee – Come Back When You Grow Up Girl
I downloaded this years ago when I drove an Oldsmobile that only picked up KOMA, Oklahoma City’s oldies station (the AM version). I love oldies and I was constantly downloading songs. I feel like there was a particular reason I liked this song so much but I can’t remember what it was.

4. Maroon 5 – This Love (Kanye West mix)
Maroon 5, one of my other guilty pleasures. I love Maroon5. They aim low and I feel sorry for their keyboardist because he is really, really, really good. They’d be a pretty bitchin’ jazz fusion band – the talent is there. The drive, sadly, is not. But Adam Levine is my Jewish rockstar boyfriend so I have to be patient. I love that their songs aren’t foul, lyrically, but that they are still wicked censored on the air. Heh.

5. Trespassers William – Alone
Discovered TW from ku nkiko, who put four of their songs on a cd for me. They are a fabulous little band that excels in moody, quiet, beautifully melancholy music. This song has a bit of a twang to it, which just makes me want to drive through the desert at night playing it over and over again. In a convertible. I know, right?

6. Turtles – So Happy Together
My mom and dad’s song. When I was little, they’d put on this record and dance to this song. I think they might have danced to this at their wedding. I usually cry when I hear this song but I’m going to try to NOT this time, to save us all the embarrassment. And today, over 40 years after they started dating, they’re still…happy together.

7. Craig David – Seven Days
Hello, two hit wonder! Craig David is British and sexy sexy sexy. Has a nice voice but is just a bit too generic. Eh.

8. Dave Matthews Band – Louisiana Bayou
Woo! Woo! Woo! Such a summer song. So fun to dance around to. So fabulous on the Red Rocks dvd with Robert Randolph.

9. Madonna – Vogue
What are you looking at? I have a penchant for old Madonna. Okay. Okay. Madonna in general. Even her weird stuff is sometimes appealing. I never wanted to be here because she was a “bad girl” but my god, did I love her music when I was little. I have a greater appreciation for it now.

10. Howie Day – Numbness for Sound (6.16.05)
Full band show, crappy recording. Or it just might be that stupid full band. Not to diss the musicians in the band because they are all talented (especially Laurie OMGWTF I LOVE YOU LAURIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I had a hard time getting behind it last summer. Yes, the shows in SF and LA were incredible and the Crowded House cover wouldn’t have been as good if it had been just Howie (or maybe it would’ve been – we will never know) but the band takes away all the stuff Howie’s good at. Numbness is an *amazing* song and when he plays it solo, it makes you want to curl up in a little ball in the corner (mmmrrwwwawwwrrrrr Berkeley eyesex omg). Heh…”Tell Me Something” is the next song. STELLINA, I LOVE YOU. /fangirl


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  1. Everything’s Not Lost is one of my favorites. I have a live version somewhere in which Chris leads a nice singalong with the chorus at the end. I’m of the mind that that, and Amsterdam on their second album, are perfect album closers.

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