Advice from the cameranistas

Through the grace of it being summer and also being an employee of this fine establishment, I have been given another week with the Nikon. That means that soon I will be forced to part ways with it for a short time until I can either get a new camera or check out another one. I’m shopping around online but have very little patience for specs and websites with Flash and megapixels and zooming and accessories.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something under $300 that has a good zoom, good picture quality, and happy fun time settings? I’m looking at Canons and Nikons right now but with a good recommendation, I might be swayed elsewhere. I want to stay away from Sonys, as I wasn’t too incredibly impressed with my own.


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  1. The Canon Powershot A430 is only about 130. The A540 is about a hundred more. Those are both good, low priced cameras. Not exactly Digital Rebels, but good.

    As for Nikon, anything in the Coolpix family is going to be pretty decent.

    There’s also Fujifilm’s FinePix series, like the A500 or 600 Zoom digital. is a good place to review features and compare cameras side by side, you can also get reviews from owners and see examples of photos taken with the cameras.

  2. If you do some hunting, like, some major online hunting, you can find some of the Canon Powershot models for well under the normal price. I got my A520 for $170. It’s very user-friendly and takes really good pictures for a little point-and-click.

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