The migraine that wouldn’t die and other fun stories

Did I tell you about the migraine I got yesterday that wouldn’t go away? Well, it wasn’t the migraine so as the aura that went with it. Usually, mine go away in under an hour and they are my least favorite part. They make me feel fuzzy and confused and generally just really crappy. Well, yesterday mine didn’t go away for nearly three hours. Three hours of not being able to see, of not being able to keep my eyes open, of not being able to concentrate or carry on a conversation.

Ku nkiko called me three times last night. My phone was right next to my head. I didn’t notice the ringing or the steady beep of missed calls until five in the morning. I just now felt strong enough to turn off the alarm clock.

I AM STAYING HOME TODAY. I feel like absolute crap. My body aches, my head is throbbing, and even the thought of taking a shower makes me want to cry. Blech.


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  1. Feel better!! :-)

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