I heard from someone you’re still pretty

$2.25 bottles of water purchased with slot machine winnings: 1
Cups of coffee: 2
Hours of sleep had: Approximately 3
Airports visited in the last 16 hours: 4


I left Sacramento last night at 8:00 PM and flew to Las Vegas, where madness ensued and my body decided that it was time to shut down. I gambled a few bucks at the slot machines and won $2.75, which I used to buy a bottle of water, which I didn’t even finish. I took a vanilla-flavored Tylenol PM (tastes as disgusting as it sounds) before boarding the plane and conked out shortly after take-off.

Where do I even begin to describe my mini-vacation? There’s so much to say. Had lunch with a good friend/former coworker Friday. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time together but I’m glad that I got even an hour or two of her time. Then we went home only to leave again, this time for the airport to pick up the flower girl and her momma. Back home. Rehearsal dinner. Pizza, beer, pictures. Rehearsal. Home. Try to sleep. Fail miserably.

Saturday was like stepping into a whole new world. I have zero experience with weddings and I will do anything my friends need for me to do when it comes to their weddings but as far as I’m concerned, that whole ceremony thing is not my bag. Too much stress, too many people, just too much period.

(Oh wow, I feel like I’m going to vomit.)

The wedding was beautiful, even with the hiccups that were eerily ill-timed. I blame the terrorists. They ruin everything. The bride was beautiful, gorgeous, radiant and a bunch of other words I can’t think of right now. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor looked fabulous as well. The dresses were surprisingly cute. The flowers were perfection. I only had one glass of wine (not nearly enough) and tried to take as many pictures as possible. They are all on ku nkiko’s camera though, so you won’t see them until she unveils them. I have exactly one picture of the wedding on my camera. I will upload it at a later time. I got to spend time with k.n.’s boss, who is ultra fabulous, and did I mention that I didn’t get nearly enough to drink?

Sunday the wedding gifts were opened and as I type this, I am finishing off some of the treats k.n.’s grandmother packed for me to take home (yummy little pastry-type things – probably very bad for my already upset tummy). I cried at the airport for three reasons. It feels so natural being back there, surrounded by people who love me and care about me, even if sometimes they drive me nuts. But really, who isn’t driven nuts by someone they love? It’s a fact of life. I spent almost every waking second with my best friend and still didn’t get a chance to see her. And I heard from someone you’re still pretty.

Paul Anka was alive when I got home (yay!) and happy to see me (yay!). There is mold growing on the ceiling in the bathroom (boo!) and I would call maintenance from work but I’m afraid they’d go in and see the mess I left EVERYWHERE (eek). I need to clean up a bit first. I’ll just hold my breath while I shower.

For now, that’s it. Squeeze the one you love.


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  1. i’ve gotta say R (i’m not sure if you too are not you so i’ll just call you that) you are a smart woman. I just spent quite some time on my sis’s blog typing and erasing and jumping back and forth between wanting to hurt her feelings for hurting mine and seeing how hurtful and unnecessary it all is. and then i come here and see your wise words and think to myself how perfect they are. “who isnt driven nuts by someone they love” so thank you, i will forever use them in place of other not so graceful words. ::::AND NOW ON TO OTHER STUFF:::: i just wanted to say thank you and how awesome you are for 1.flying down here just for my wedding, 2.helping out OH SO MUCH while you were here, 3.taking some pretty damn good pictures, if i can say so myself, 4.full on sprinting to the laptop to try and fix the now world-known problem, that i still cant bring myself to talk about ;), 5.spending your last few $$ on tootsie rolls and kick ass lip gloss for ME, 6.putting up with stupid biatches who hurt your feelings, 7.not doing what i would’ve wanted to do and punched stupid biatches out for hurting your feelings! AND 8.putting up with my sister, no im jk, but really being the coolest and most wise one of my sisters friends ive ever gotten the pleasure to meet.
    lots of love to you on the east coast, cali awaits your return!

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