So there was a, um, slight problem with the dark brown hair dye I put in my hair tonight so that my hair would be one shade of brown instead of twenty shades of brown and three shades of red. A problem in that, um, my hair? Is black. It’s not a huge tragedy; I’ve been wondering what I’d look like with black hair. It’s not too bad. It makes my eyes seem very green. I’d show you pictures but the Zen is busy synching (and glowing!) and I don’t want to freak it out by hooking up another usb cable to ye olde bigge computere. It’s not nearly as subtle as I’d like. I can only imagine what everyone at work is going to say.

Actually, in the gentle glow of the monitor (the room is otherwise dark), my hair is very, very, very dark brown. But in the bathroom light? Black. Black, black, black.


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  1. That happened to me, like, two weeks ago? The funny thing is, the dye was supposed to be somewhere between light brown and dark blonde… and it came out almost black. But after a few days in the sun, it turned kinda caramel-colored.

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