Five hours in ATL

I’m debating taking my laptop with me on this trip. It’s so lovely to travel without it but five hours in ATL. Five. Hours. I will probably need to charge the nifty mp3 player I just checked out from the library (I love working here), which requires the computer, which requires me securing an outlet at the airport. If I take my laptop, I will be able to visit Delta’s website (oooh) and possibly ATL’s website (oooh squared) and I will be able to write. That’s a plus. I will be able to listen to music if the mp3 player croaks. Another plus. My mom suggested I take MARTA to Peachtree Center and hang out. I mean, that would be so very cool if I weren’t afraid of getting totally lost on MARTA and ending up in Stockbridge or something. Besides, it’s MARTA. I’ve heard the stories.

I’m still not sold on the laptop. What do you guys think?

I had a choice between an iPod Shuffle and a Zen (Creative Labs). I chose the Zen player because it is 6GB and I can control what I listen to with relative ease. I’m a big fan of playlists. I don’t know a lot about Shuffles but they don’t have a display screen and I haven’t liked them when I’ve gone to the mecca of geekdom, the Apple Store, and played with them. The Zen player is hooked up to my work computer currently, charging its little guts out.

I also snagged a digital camera since mine takes pictures that turn out looking like it’s constantly 9pm. It’s sleek and thin with a big display screen. A Casio something-or-other. I’m going to take the batteries out of my antiquated discman at lunch, pop them into the camera, and go exploring to see how this puppy works.

(Insert a huge lapse in time)

Well, the camera is great. Has a ton of buttons to push and amazing zoom. I’m still getting used to it; a lot of the pictures I took were very dark. I blame the really crazy weather we’ve had today. I will show off the pictures when I get home. Also, the Zen is charged and ready to be crammed full of songs!


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