The skinny bikini girls are there

I have the slightest farmers tan on my arms that I need to get rid of by the wedding. I planned to sit out at the pool this afternoon and read but I looked out the window and saw this gorgeous, bikini-clad girl swishing her foot in the pool and I decided that I can just buy some self tanner. I also hate my swimming gear and wish I could take it back but I took the stupid tags off last night.


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  1. Why you hate yoh simmy fings? Dewr PITTY and PITTY on a PEANIT and pitty simmy fings and you tin git in da WATOH wif ME afoh da WEDDY in my BATINY and my tummy woll poke OUT and we tin splash eats OVOH betuuuuuz we awe HETEWOSETSUAL LIFE PAHNOWS!

  2. Also you should go out there anyway. To hell with the skinny bikini girls. Let them see what a real woman’s body looks like.

  3. My mom says “tell Miss Pants that those girls are probably all anorexic and will have teeth that fall out and won’t be here when you’re 85 and still beautiful in your swimming suit, with your pretty teeth and your pretty body.”

    That’s what my mom says.

  4. All I can say is I feel your pain. I finally had to order swimming gear and I just hope it fits because I?… Have at least 2 pool related visits this summer with one Jenni-pooh. oh. yay.

    I bet you you just ooze with fabulosity in your pretty swimmin’ stuff! Go out there and knock that anorexic into the pool and hope her hair gets stuck in the drain. lol

    Ok maybe that would be a little extreme. Just go flaunt your stuff girly!

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