Sensitivity to sound? We’ll just make you deaf.

I left Target feeling relatively okay despite the fact that I had just bought swimming attire. Then suddenly there was the woozy and suddenly, I couldn’t listen to anything. I had to turn the radio off completely. Even unoffensive NPR was too loud. So I came home and felt like crap and decided to take a nap. Only I couldn’t sleep, so I spent twenty minutes in front of the computer, watching a DVD and thinking about how I’m going to make a Britney Spears Sim. Then the movie ended and the Sims no longer interested me. So I came into the living room and now here I am. But I can watch tv without wanting to shove knives in my head.

It’s the classic Meg Ryan orgasm scene.


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  1. That is the BEST scene. Haha I think that’s when I truely started loving Meg Ryan as an actress. I remember watching that scene when I wasn’t even supposed to know what an orgasm was and thinking it was SO funny.

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