Since Saturday

So I read this little internet rag called The Superficial. It’s a great place for all the celebrity news and it’s served with plenty of biting commentary and sarcasm. The site used to be better but then they hired these new writers/editors who are soulless, I think. They say things that should be funny and to most people, probably are funny, but to other people crosses the line of offensive. I do, however, really love when they talk about how ridiculously stupid K-Fed is. Anyway, I got all pissed off a few minutes ago when they bagged on Ben Affleck’s masculinity because Affleck went to the hospital for a migraine. Since I’ve had a migraine since Saturday, I can’t say that I blame him for doing it. If I didn’t think my insurance company would charge me an arm and a leg, I’d do the same. Though I’m happy to report that as of right now, the pain has eased off considerably.

Today (Wednesday) was payday. I’m not even going to get excited about it anymore because I live in a state that takes away almost half of my check. Yeah, I know I’ve mentioned this before but it really, really irritates me. I mean, for what I do, I make a ridiculous amount of money. Well, before they take out $800. I’ve been looking around but nothing pays as much as this job.

I am so boring.


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  1. Wait, I thought you moved out of California.

  2. Wait, they do that in both of those states? I’m starting to think this is nationwide problem. ;0)

  3. i feel your (migraine) pain. literally. i’m on day #2 right now. which of course, is TONS of fun when you’re trying to be all personality-plus for interviews. grrr. oh, and new jersey is another state that also strips your paycheck. i used to nearly burst into tears every 15th and 30th of the month. *sigh* of course, now i’m nearly crying everyday because i have NO job at the moment. hehehe. I MISS YOU!

  4. I’ve had more taken out of my three paychecks so far than was taken out in one year in California.

  5. That’s just craziness! And people complain about the taxes in California!

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