If I had a million dollars, I’d buy your love

Yes, I would. I mean, I’m not into buying people off or getting them expensive gifts so they’ll like me or feel like they have to like me since I got them such expensive gifts. I don’t like it when people do it to me because then it gives them license to be total asshats to me and they know me well enough to know I won’t call them on it. Also, I don’t like accepting expensive gifts. It makes me feel like a really lousy person.

However, I would totally go against my own beliefs/ideals/whatevers if I had a million dollars. I just want you to know that.

In other exciting news-related news, amid the din of Lou Dobbs blathering on and on about how he’s afraid of terrorists coming to America through Mexico and Canadia, there aired a piece on CNN this morning about the frightening number of badges, patches, and uniforms either lost or stolen by TSA employees. Yes, those TSA employees. The ones who scan us and our luggage and are supposed to keep us safe from crazy people with knives and guns and a few too many screws loose in the noggin. The TSA assures us that every single TSA employee is screened every day at work. Except the secret hidden CNN cam showed scores of TSA employees flashing their badges and passing security – without being scanned. The TSA assures us that these employees have either already been scanned once (at the start of their shifts) or are supervisors whose clearance doesn’t require them to be screened.

I mean, does this make anyone else think twice about flying? I’m not an alarmist and I know many of these systems are flawed but I’ve seen enough episodes of Alias to know that usually all you need is the right badge and you can, you know, destroy the world. Or at least try to. Usually all you need is access. If you look the part, most people won’t think twice. How big are airports? How many people do they employee? This is a really serious problem. We’re talking thousands of lost or stolen TSA articles. And those are just from the records the TSA would release. How much more aren’t they telling us? They don’t see it as a security threat at all. If you were going to terrorize the U.S., would you risk your life by traipsing through the desert for days on end or would you just steal a badge that would grant you access to many parts of an airport where you could feasibly kill hundreds of people with relative ease?

I’m thinking of keeping ye olde Worde Salade updated for the sake of my coworkers, who keep stumbling across it and telling me, with great pride and exuberance, I FOUND YOUR BLOG THE OTHER DAY!!!! What should I post there? Friday Tens, of course (I’m doing a Friday Twenty today since I skipped last week). Current reads? Random questions that I love to ask but no one answers?


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