I said I wasn’t going to tell

But right now, I’m smiling so hard my face hurts.

Last night I dreamed about work. Mostly I dreamed about tornados and work and my boss and riding around with my boss in the car he bought yesterday. I’ve yet to see said car and I don’t even remember what kind it is but last night, we were driving around. Driving around Mulhall, to be exact. Which apparently is in England now since I was on the driver’s side passengering and he was on the passenger side drivering. I don’t remember what we talked about but I’m sure it had something to do with statistics.

I’m starting a new thing. I don’t want to call it an exercise program because it isn’t. I’m not calling it a diet because it so isn’t. It’s more of a “I can no longer walk because I am so old and stiff so I better just walk everywhere, even if that means dying from lack of oxygen when I go all the up to the ninth floor” type thing. I’ve always been a little stiff around the hip and lower back area. Standing for a long time is like torture and sitting for a long time makes me incredibly fidgety because I CANNOT GET COMFORTABLE OMG STOP THE CAR/PLANE/WHAT HAVE YOU. Since we’ve moved into our lush little apartment, we’ve been too broke to afford, you know, furniture. We have two barstools that are currently doubling for computer equipment stands and a butterfly chair is our sole sitting space that isn’t the floor. I don’t like sitting in it because it’s not too comfortable for my neck and also, I’m a floor-sitter. Always have been. The thing is, I can’t sit on the floor anymore because after a while, I can no longer move. Ask ku nkiko about the night I was writhing in pain until 3:00am because I was an idiot and sat on the floor.

So. Long story short, sitting is like, the worst thing I could possibly do and what do I do all day long? Sit. So now I’ve decided to walk everywhere to get things stretched out. Plus walking is supposedly healthy and good for you or something.

I’m no longer smiling so hard my face hurts. I am, however, really hungry.


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