Heading out the door

Just heard on CNN that Merck has a new drug awaiting FDA approval. It fights the virus HPV, which causes cervical cancer (kills 4,000 women a year). The drug would, ideally, be administered to teenage girls to help prevent them getting HPV and cancer. However, there is concern that this would make those silly teenage girls go horny and screw their brains out — without protection.

So let me get this straight. The CDC thinks we women should practice “pre-pregnancy” healthcare, starting when we’re young. But we can’t give girls medicine that will keep them from getting cancer that will require the loss of their reproductive organs and/or their lives?


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  1. Well the CDC guidelines fit right in with an HPV drug…I just don’t understand the no-sex Fundies. Honestly, this is the same thing as a drug coming out that can prevent AIDS, but we can’t approve it because…it’ll make people less afraid to have sex? I don’t understand. The threat of HPV hasn’t stopped anyone from having sex yet. When will people stop trying to impose their “religious” morality on others through the law and health care?

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