Learning to fly

Thanks to renovations, my office is currently located in the basement a.k.a. the cave. There are some plus sides: it’s the old new staff lounge, so we have a full-sized fridge, sink, and staff-only bathrooms right there; I sit under an impressive and huge skylight-esque window. Granted, the only thing I can really see is the building stretching toward the sky for nine stories. And the sky. I can see the sky. When it rains, I see the rain.

However, today was a special treat. I had been hearing these little chirps and cheeps for a while but hadn’t paid them any attention. I think the birds outnumber the people here. Then this afternoon, I noticed that the chirps and cheeps were accompanied by scratches and little thumps. I looked up and saw two baby birds! Two! Little fluffy short-tailed baby birds! One was sitting on the glass above my head, wanting to move but afraid of sliding on the glass. The other flitted up from the nest in the corner and perched on a little window sill about a foot from the skylight. The glass-sitting baby bird hopped over to the metal railing, where I guess he felt safe. Then the momma came flying up and after several crazed up in the air-back down again examples of flight, the metal railing-sitting baby bird flew up into the air and out of sight.

The other baby bird, afraid of being left behind I think, took off and made a great swooping lead toward the wall, thinking he could land there and hang on for dear life. That didn’t work, however, and so with a light thump, he landed back on the skylight.

The original telling of this story was more poetic. You can ask ku nkiko. She’ll tell you. In fact, I bet she has the log of our conversation. I had never seen baby birds learning to fly and it was something that took up five minutes of an otherwise uneventful day.

I’ve discovered the most tranquil spot on earth. Or at least in the vicinity of my workplace. A lovely little utopia full of shady trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, and swinging seats. Porch swings. Whatever you want to call them. The past two days I’ve spent my lunch hour out there, swinging back and forth. Yesterday I took a little nap. Shh.

I need fairy princess clothes! I do!


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  1. He was sitting on the ledge
    of the windows
    above the skylight

    and he took off
    with thoughts of flying
    up to the wall
    and holding

    (when he realized that wasn’t going to work, he kind of went willy-nilly and landed with a quiet thump back on the skylight)

  2. This sounds like a fun thing to see. Baby birds are so cute and tiny and precious. This is better than just hearing squirrels scratching away in the walls of the Journalism House where I work.

  3. We have had birds nesting on our porches for the last 4 years and I never tire of watching them learn to fly. I’m always anxiously watching them like I need to oversee the whole process if they’re ever going to survive it.

    Then I have to remind myself that I’m a moron and they do this without my guidance everywhere but my porch. I’m still sad to see them go everytime though.

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