I’m down with the rainbow

Clearly I stole that line from Grey’s Anatomy, which I will be watching next season because I, unlike so many other viewers, don’t have my head up my ass about Denny Duquette and Meredith Grey.


I hate MySpace. It is a hell-hole for kids with poor grammar skills and hideous taste in music (and website designs). As is the case with most of my peers, I believe, MySpace has become a good way to get in touch with your old classmates. I’ve come across several but I’ve only really been in contact with one of them. And by contact I mean messages on MySpace, the occasional text message, and a few short emails laced with bitterness. I gave him this url but I’m not sure if he has come to visit yet. At any rate, I’m glad he and I have gotten in touch and being adults makes things so much easier now. You know, the capacity to admit your wrongs and accept how you were then and how you are now and then move on to newer and better things like gay bars and how significant others can be total asshats hell-bent on destroying your life.

MySpace is also good for stalking but that is another post entirely.

Maybe Bush should use MySpace to keep tabs on everyone? And while we’re at it, why are the phone companies suddenly all like, “OMG!!!$!@#~~ I so did NOT tell him about our phone calls, y’all! OMG!”??

Oh, and uh…you did know I was kidding about the not knowing Adam Felber we-can’t-be-friends thing, right?




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  1. *milk through my nose*

    Hey, when Gai-Jay comes to visit, let’s…find a gay bar in the area. I mean I know there have to be some, right? Just cause it’s North Carolina…

    Let’s get him out to Faces back home.

  2. I am trying my hardest not to go in search of any GA spoilers. I haven’t seen the past couple weeks because I’ve been…. busy. And I haven’t had my brother tape them either because he’s been just as… busy. So I’m stuck with waiting the endless hours it takes to catch up. And really, they just need to have it out on DVD like, tomorrow.

    And really, MySpace is just craptastic. No really. That Tom kid is DA BOMB! Kinda like when I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk for forever. He’s just that awesome.

    Excuse I just threw up a little in my mouth. And OMG! I know I haven’t posted the podcast yet (and how lame am I for taking forever?) but did you see the video I put up? Seriously, now that is the definition of cool! And he does the BBB dance! *snort* It’s so great. I’m such a nerd. And I don’t know Felber, but we can still be friends right? I mean, THE EVOLUTION OF DANCE!! That’s all I’m saying.

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