Did I miss the memo?

I know better than to watch AC360 but I can’t help myself because when there is nothing but crap on television and the cable guide tempts me with two hours of Anderson Cooper, I kind of lose my mind. I mean, he’s easy on the eyes and watching his interactions with that no-brain lady who comes on to comment on certain offbeat stories is a great deal of fun. I would love the chance to straighten him out but alas. Right now he’s obsessed with Warren Jeffs (Joseph Smith was called a prophet…).

Anyway, the memo to which I refer (propositions be damned!) says something about Mexicans illegal immigration ruining our culture? I’m sorry but if Carrburritos gets run out of town before I can afford to eat there, so help me I will bust some heads. And the taqueria down the street from Carrburritos?! I will seriously, seriously, seriously bust some heads!

I mean, what culture are we talking about here? The culture of capitalism? The culture of narcissism? The culture of Paris Hilton? I really wouldn’t mind if Paris Hilton, you know, disappeared. Can we outsource her to another country? Preferably one on Neptune?

I understand the frustration many people feel about the “free ride” illegal immigrants receive. We are never going to eradicate illegal border crossing unless we construct massive walls full of pointy barb-like things that secrete poison and really, I don’t think that’s a wise idea. I also don’t think it’s a wise idea to make these people, and the people who aid them, felons. A child who comes with his mother into this country doesn’t come to sponge off the United States. He comes to be with his mother. When he turns 18, he would become a felon. Is that okay? If you killed someone and were punished, would you want your child to be punished for your crime, too?

If I went outside and waved a German flag around, that doesn’t make this country any less American. It doesn’t make me any less human. Some people don’t have five years to wait. They watch their babies go without food, clothing, and medical care day after day. I’ve met these people, I’ve seen where they live, and they have treated me, a privileged, college educated white girl, with more respect and warmth than I deserve. They have fed me, sheltered me, and if I had asked, they would’ve given me the clothes off their back.

Are we to make criminals of churches and aid organizations? Are we to shoot these people on site and mount their heads on stakes along the border so as to ward off any considering crossing over? Where do we draw the line? Use our tax dollars to detain and deport them? Allow tv anchors to provoke violence against anyone seen crossing the border? Are we, as a country, really going to declare open season on yet another ethnic group?

This has stopped being about legal or illegal. People no longer distinguish between those allowed to be in this country and those who are not. These “patriots” pick out anyone with brown skin and a Hispanic accent and call them illegals, felons, criminals, and terrorists. Anyone who offers a kind word or a glass of water is immediately labeled unAmerican and unpatriotic.

(And before I go any further, let me just pause to tell you that I’m as much as an American as the next person. Just because I don’t support the war in Iraq or Squinty McGee doesn’t mean I hate our soliders and hope they die thousands of miles away from home. I do support our troops. I think Saddam Hussein is a bad man and I’m glad he was removed from power because he is a bad man. That does not, however, mean that I think that we have done anything positive in Iraq beyond that. I am pro-choice but that does not mean I hate babies and want them all to die. It simply means that I don’t think I could have an abortion but I am not about to make that decision for another woman. My religious beliefs should not dictate the behavior of those who do not hold those same beliefs. I don’t think gay marriage is going to ruin the sanctity of straight marriage. Allowing gay marriage is not going to stop procreation and it is not going to stop straight marriage. It will not make your husband or wife squeal with delight because now he/she can finally be with that hot guy/sexy girl that works down the hall who they have wanted to marry but couldn’t because it was illegal and so they married you instead and thank god they don’t have to look at your vagina/penis anymore. Being a feminist doesn’t make me a lesbian (I like how boy parts and girl parts feel when they hang out together!), nor does it make me a man-hating (penis + vagina = lovely, toe-curling orgasms!), baby-hating (love babies!), stay-at-home-mom-hating (hardest job ever!), ball-busting bitch (but seriously, I’ll bust them if they deserve it).)

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I will say that I don’t plan on changing anyone’s mind. I just want someone, anyone to know that all those people you see on television and in the newspapers talking about what Americans want? They don’t speak for me, I don’t agree with them, and I think a lot of the things they say are hateful, dangerous, and completely unAmerican.


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  1. Beautiful. You know my commentary. Cause I made noises.

  2. I’m understanding a little better why I am feeling a tad unwelcome on ya’ll’s blogs.

    Sorry if my immigrant post totally offended you both. I guess you’d have to go through the process we have to understand.

  3. You’re welcome on our blogs! I’m sorry if you thought this post was directed at you. It was a rant directed at the people who condone murder and think that two-year-olds should be felons.

    I *do* understand what you guys went through. But you have to admit that your situation and the situation of most people from Latin American countries is vastly different. You also have to admit that the system is broken and that the system cost you guys more money, time, and headaches than was necessary.

  4. AJ…I don’t know that you are unwelcome on *my* blog, and I have no idea why you’d be feeling that way.

    As far as going through the situation you went through, I suppose you’d have to work extensively with the immigrant community and have some knowledge of the facts as far as politics, history, economics and legislative complicity, as well as a working knowledge of the feeder countries, our impact on their economies, and our (read the U.S.) system as far as it concerns applicants outside of your particular experience.

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