Monday, bloody Monday.


Sudan’s new Vice President died in a helicopter crash on Saturday and now there are mass riots in Khartoum. I am concerned for Sleepless In Sudan and all of her fellow aide workers.

In happier news, happy 7th anniversary to AJ and the Canadian! I remember that day fondly. I also remember Warren making everyone cry. :)

What else? I am still feeling like hell. Still have no appetite but I have to find something to eat so I can take my medicine. Since I forgot all of my food this morning (stunning, Sparkle Pants), I think I’m going to run over to Noah’s and get a toasted bagel with some butter on it.

This coffee is disgusting.

Happy Monday morning!


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  1. Aw thank you!!

    I’d like to say I remember that day, but I don’t for the most part. haha It’s one big hot 105 degree blur. :OP

  2. Oh man, it was so hot. I was impressed with how you didn’t melt in that heat and the dress and everything. I was about to die!

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