Daddy’s little girl turns 30

Long ago* in a galaxy far, far away**, I met this girl named Meredith. And when I say met, I really mean friended her on Livejournal. While most of my friends “get” me (I mean, they are my friends, right?), Meredith instantly got me on a level that few people ever do. She was a kindred spirit.

Meredith and I have shared a multitude of Howie jokes and Howie fantasies. We’ve also shared the more important things, like our struggles, pains, and heartaches. As we’ve gotten to know each other, I’ve found Meredith to be profoundly beautiful, both inside and out. Her strength and courage amazes me. The tenderness she shows her friends is encouraging. She has persevered through really, really bad times, but those bad times have helped her grow and become the woman she is today.

She writes amazing poetry and looks super hott with red highlights. She has a new car that is just dying to be loaded up for a good girly roadtrip, which we know to be scheduled for next spring, starting in New Jersey and ending in Maine.

I have never seen Meredith in the flesh and have only spoken on the phone with her twice, very briefly. She sends me text messages at random and I love it. A few weeks ago, she jokingly asked if I would adopt her. I told University Politico, who promptly wrote up the most realistic fake set of adoption papers I have ever seen in my life. The three of us signed them and that is how I became the father to a then 29-year-old woman.

I adore Meredith so, so much. I have met a lot of people through the Howie Daily community and through Howie fixations in general and I’m blessed to know them all. Meredith is a gem among teenies and would have the most adorable children with Howie Day. But I would never let her hook up with him because she deserves so much better than he could ever give her. She deserves the world and the world she shall get.

I love you, my darling daughter and friend. I’m so incredibly lucky and honored to count you as a friend. I pray for all the best for you in the future and your relationships. You amaze me. You stun me. We haven’t met in person yet, but somehow I find that you and I collide.


Love, love, love,
Sparkle Pants

* I actually tried figuring it out but gave up
** Howie Day Livejournal community


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  1. i want to laugh. i want to cry. because you are just the bomb. seriously. you are the mistress of wit and sap all in one, and i love you with all the strength i can muster. xoxoxoxox

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