A conundrum or whatever.

This is the skirt I bought on sale at Old Navy Friday. I am perplexed as to what kind of shoes to wear with it. I prefer shoes with heels that are thicker as opposed to thinner. That’s not so much the problem as figuring out the color of the shoes. Brown is too brown. Black won’t work. I hate white shoes. What color does one wear with a skirt like that? I’ve been looking at shoes this morning but nothing grabbed my attention.

Help? Please?

You all laugh at me behind my back, don’t you?


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  1. first of all, ADORABLE skirt. second of all, no…to the laughing question. and third…beige shoes? i dunno….

  2. Beige. That’s what Eireann and I decided on last night. Beige/taupe/grayish. Last night I dreamed of the perfect shoes. Among other things *blush* Now I must find those shoes!

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