Am I obsessed?

I was tagged by both Meredith Elaine and Miss Kat, who was too impatient to wait for me to actually do this so I could tag her. :D

List your 6 favorite songs at the minute and then pass this on to 6 other people.

1. Different Stars by Trespassers William
2. Hello Again by Dave Matthews Band
3. Speed of Sound by Coldplay
4. Suitcase by Joe Purdy
5. To Meet You by Teitur
6. Baby’s Got Sauce by G. Love and the Special Sauce

Kat, I got your comment about buying UTTAD and Crash. Excellent choices for a beginner DMB fan. My favorite DMB song of all time is on Crash (Cry Freedom). The next step in your DMB growth is to purchase Before These Crowded Streets and freak out because WTF ARE THEY DOING?!?!? You will probably hate most of the cd the first few times you listen to it, but I swear it will grow on you. It is on the top of my favorite DMB cds and very close to the top in my favorite cds of all time list.

/DMB dorkdom

I need to brush my teeth.

I forgot to tag six people.

1. AJ
2. Alicia
3. Heather who never reads this
4. Den who never reads this
5. Timoth who also never reads this
6. Ashley who also never reads this because…yeah


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  1. UTTAD and BTCS tie for my favorite DMB albums of all time. They are both on the list of the 5 cds I would bring with me to a desert island.

    And to further the DMB whoredom/dorkdom, Cry Freedom is MY favorite song, too. I started listening to it because it was Jo’s favorite song, and I’d loved it before, but something about the timing and the situation in the last few years (this was like, a year and a half ago) I just…guh. It quickly became my favorite song of theirs.

    Yay! Enjoy your lovely DMBness. They are the wonderful.

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