I heart sleeping in.

After the week of suck (that was only 4 days long but felt like 50), I knew I would be out like a light by ten o’clock last night. Okay, okay. More like 2am! We rented movies last night (Ice Princess (ICE PRINCESS HAS SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!), Down to You (because this is one of my biggest guilty pleasures of all time and after the shake-up of yesterday morning, I needed to watch 2 hours of someone who reminds me of Jack…?), and Super Size Me, which we had rented before but I never got the chance to watch) and immediately (as in two hours later) popped in SSM because we are a tad obsessed with Morgan Spurlock. I’m not kidding at all. I have the tiniest bit of an oh wow he’s so smart and stuff crush on him. heh

But then it became 11 and Maggie Gyllenhaal the Cute was on TDS and we needed to see that. She was adorable and fan-girly on Jon. Fabulous. So then we watched more SSM, but then it was midnight and Daria was on, which I’ve not got to see all week. Then other things happened and I didn’t watch Daria at all (except that it was the one where she kept getting the rash…but I don’t remember why) and then we finished SSM. I am so over fast food.

And speaking of food, this medicine has made me lose my appetite. Not so badly that I don’t eat. I just don’t get hungry as quickly and when I do, I don’t have to eat much before I’m full. Yesterday I had half a ziplock baggie of cereal, a bagel w/cream cheese, a couple of bites of my leftover nachos, and half a thing of the small popcorn chicken from KFC. I’m not even that hungry right now but I need to eat so I can take my medicine. Sigh.

And to anyone who had to read my fairy tale version of me and the boy last night, I apologize for not cutting it earlier. I didn’t realize it was so freaking long.

Things to do today: burn Melissa some Howie Day cds (iTunes is open and waiting), buy cases for said cds, buy something to mail said cds in, buy Meredith’s birthday present(s), buy something to mail that in, mail above mentioned items, buy my anthropology book, and maybe visit that one store. And the one on Arden because I don’t feel like driving all the way to Citrus Heights again. Too much gas.

Mmmm popables. Think they’d make a good breakfast?


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  1. Oh how I miss sleeping in. :(

    Anyway, more importantly…anything remotely chocolate flavored counts as a good breakfast.

  2. down to you is an AWESOME movie. <3

  3. My crush on FPJ is just…wrong. But he just reminds me so much of Jack sometimes. Something about the facial expressions, I think….

    Rawr. Jack is pensive. My god. Jack.

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