Meme meme meme and despite this morning…

Name five fictional characters you would have sex with, then tag five people to do it, too. Be sure to mention who tagged you when posting it.

Tagged most wonderfully by my darling Meredith!

1. Matt/Mark or whatever his name is from Babyville by Jane Green. The guy in the first chapter, the one who breaks up with the girl because she wants to have a baby with him and can’t get pregnant. Him. Because he’s hot.

2. Everett Calloway in With Honors.

3. Al Connelly in Down to You. Anyone who would drink a girl’s shampoo is down in my book.

4. Michael Vaughn from Alias.

5. Ollie Trinke from Jersey Girl.

I tag:

A million thoughts have raced through my mind. I feel…?

I sent a tirade to the fine folks over at the BBC News about an article about Liberia and some new rape laws the Female Association of Lawyers are trying to get passed.

Snickers buttercrunch Popables are good.


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  1. i’ll tag you anytime you want, baby! :)

  2. Since I answered this right off the top of my head in my LJ, I’m going to ponder it and post it again here.

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