Holy crap, I love orange juice.

I do. I just drank a glass and it was the best tasting stuff on the planet. Give me more, I say!

I just reserved our Mustang for Anaheim. I’m expecting all you loyal readers to cross your fingers, eyes, and toes that they actually have a Mustang when we go pick up the car, otherwise we’re going to be stuck with something like a Ford 500, which is okay because they’re swank. But you know, a Mustang.

I also reserved our hotel room for Saturday night. According to the lady at the desk, it’s a 10 minute walk to the parking structure at the front gate of Disneyland, then we catch the shuttle and you know, go to Downtown Disney. It’ll be fun to see how turned around I get while we’re there.

Oh, and Howie? Please no sucking muchly because I’m going to freaking Anaheim for you.


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