When comfort wins over fashion.

I have never been one to choose fashion/style over comfort. I hate being uncomfortable and I don’t much see the point in it, so why make myself needlessly suffer? In college, I had a few classes with this girl named Tomi (Tommie, Tommy, Tomie..?). She was exactly what you’d expect: impossibly short, impossibly tiny, very blonde, and not that bright. That year, a monsoon visited Stillwater during the homecoming game and everyone got absolutely soaked. Throw in the fact that the monsoon happened with a chill in the air and a majority of students immediately got colds. In Intro to Sociology either the following Tuesday or Thursday, Tomi came in with sniffles and a cough and as she was speaking to the teacher or other students (my memory of this is hazy…can you tell?), she explained that she decided to “look cute instead of dressing for the possibility of rain.” Hence the cold. She learned her lesson, or so she said, and I got a chuckle. And obviously I still remember this some six or seven years later.

Fast forward. I have a pair of jeans (my only jeans) that I lovingly call my ass pants. My ass? Looks incredible in these jeans. That’s a hard thing to come by when you’re my size. They’re flared at the bottom, which is great for my shape, and they help make my curves look…curvy. Except I don’t look so appealing when I’m hitching my pants up every two seconds. The evil truth is, these jeans are way low rise and fall down at every opportunity. They want to rest around my hips, which would be fine if, you know, I didn’t have all this other stuff flopping around above my hips. And don’t even get me started on sitting in them. Hello, world. Meet my crack!

After a rather frustrating trip to Old Navy on Saturday, I decided that I didn’t care how good my ass looked, I was not wearing those jeans anymore. My quest, therefore, is to find a pair of jeans that fit me comfortably and I’ll work on looking good later. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to listen to my rant on the cost of jeans and the cut of jeans and JEANS JEANS JEANS CLOTHES SHIRTS OMG, so I won’t say anything else on that topic.

But in other news, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight and it was fabulous. Johnny Depp is demented and scarily like Parker Posey. Then we had dinner. And then I splurged on two books. I am now suffering from buyer’s remorse but I think I shall go start one of the books and I’m sure I’ll feel better in no time…


In other news, my eBay shoes were shipped today. Joy!


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  1. Every time I sit down in my jeans I feel as though I’m being followed. Turns out I am! By one Mr. Crackus Marackus!

    He and I spent some quality time painting for VBS…fortunately I was alone or with mom most of the time so he didn’t introduce himself to the rest of the church.

  2. haha….Hey Rhonda, your post was making me chuckle…was the girl you were talking about also in our Gender and Work class? Maybe that was a different girl, but I remember a prissy blonde girl in that class who seemed like she would be named Tomi and do something that half-witted.

    Also, I just realized that I know who “AJ” is because I went a-blog-stalking after I found myself cracking up at her response to this post.

  3. tee! Blogstalking rules :D

    I don’t know if she was in our Gender and Work class. I know she was in me and AJ’s history and soc classes, at least. Maybe she was and I just kind of blocked her out.

    AJ, do you remember??

  4. Hmmmm…I don’t remmber really but now that ya mention it, she just might have been! I have tried to completely block that class from my mind, and I’m sure you both understand.

  5. Remember when the teacher just started handing out A’s to everyone, more or less? It was madness!

    No sociology class will beat intro. Mike Collins was the best. hehe

  6. see, i *like* the low-rise. i’ve gotten so used to them that anything but low-rise makes me uncomfortable. i had another pair of jeans that was *supposedly* low-rise when i ordered them from vs, but they were much closer to regular rise, so that made them feel like high-rise. as it’s not 1978, i just cut the waistband off. so now they’re ultra low-rise, and i only wear them around the house, but i’ve still gotten many a compliment about them…maybe i should start wearing them out…

    i’m rambling. point is. i like the low rise.

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