God has blessed me mightily…or something.

Guess what? Every single person who gave me shit yesterday is gone today. It’s going to be blessedly quiet today and I’m going to love every single second of it.

First things first, Kat, I got your email and will respond appropriately soon!

I brought a load of things to work with me today: bills, appointment cards, wedding announcements (not my own). I’m playing on P’s laptop again and each time he lets me screw around on it, the more I want to STEAL IT. Which I know is wrong and all but it’s so pretty and wee and silver.


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  1. I want to play with the wee silver laptop! Can I come over? Can I?? :OD

    But seriously..YAY for peaceful days and disappearing crap disturbers.

  2. Please do! come over and we shall playyyyyyy. And add all sorts of really weird things to P’s calendar. Muahahhahaaa!

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