Who says you can’t shop when you’re broke?

After a somewhat frustrating afternoon that involved me feeling like a fat, sloppy cow and a rant about the way jeans fit these days, I came home and hopped on eBay to make myself feel better. On the last page of loafers in my size, I came across the cutest brown leather loafers. Ending in TWO MINUTES. You bet I bid on those puppies. With shipping, the whole thing will come out to about $10. Can you beat that? Can you really? Nothing in the world makes me happier (lie lie lie) than seeing an email that says YOU WON!

I will be so happy at the end of the week when I will finally have a pair of brown shoes to wear with my brown pinstripe pants.

Now I’m going to lurk around for yarn.


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  1. I’ve never won anything on eBay. I’ve never really tried, but I’ve never won. I once bid on some Howie stuff, but the prices were getting ridiculous and I had to ask myself if a signed pre-Epic Australia was worth not leaving the apartment for the rest of the month. The answer was, of course, YES!, but I didn’t think my then-roomie would have been real happy with me.

  2. Yes, I’ve often wondered if I could sell my soul for one of the old EPs. But then I’m like…nah. I’ll just find someone who has a copy and ask them to burn it for me :D

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