Did I dream about you last night or am I just crazy?

Since starting this medicine, I’ve more or less stopped remembering my dreams, which is unsettling for me because I love my dreams, even the bad ones, because I remember about 90% of them. It’s starting to come back in bits and pieces. I do vividly remember my bad dream from the night before (always the bad ones, isn’t it?). Last night I think I dreamed about Matt Nathanson, albeit briefly. There was no making out like last time (well, that I remember. He could’ve gotten me completely tanked and taken advantage of me. Not that he’d have to try that hard. If he were single, that is.). I woke up this morning singing his version of Starfish & Coffee.

But I also had a dream that I was about to take a shower in my mom and dad’s old bathroom. I needed to take my medicine first but I dropped it in the sink accidentally. The sink was full of water and every time I stuck my hand in to get the pills, I would miss them. And every second, the sink was getting bigger and bigger until I was in the sink and trying to grab the pills so I could use them as floaties because! the sink! was huge!

Then I woke up.


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  1. That’s terrifying. I would have cried.

    My Percoset has been giving me really bizarre dreams lately. I had one last night that I was a guest on Howie’s tourbus. And I was sleeping in my bunk when the bus started slowing down and everyone started talking and yelling. I stuck my head out of my bunk to find out that it was snowing miserably and we were going to have to spend the night in the bus on the side of the highway. A movement caught my eye and I saw the curtain of the top bunk across from me swish back into place. I looked around: Les, check. Laurie, check. Bus Driver who I actually think was named Glen, check. Howie, check. Tim Vines (no idea why he was there!), check. I got out of my bunk and told Howie that someone was in the top bunk who shouldn’t have been. He looked at me like I was a stupid little girl and told me that no, there wasn’t. I was mad, so went to check for myself and when I yanked the curtain back, there was a half-decayed body laying there, its hand just behind where I’d seen the curtain move, as if it had gotten too weak to hold it open, dropped its hand, and that’s the movement I’d seen.

    Terrifying. I slept with Kelly for an hour.

  2. Holy shit. That’s terrifying! *huge hug*

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