What’s with the marriage talk, folks?

My god. What a day. After having my entire gender insulted by my boss and being treated like a hired hand by someone else with whom I work (I was not working this time, simply AT work trying to get our two new mini-desks), we came home and put everything together. University Politico and I now have the ability to be on our computers simultaneously, which is something that has not happened in two years. The room, of course, looks like a disaster area. But we have new desks, dammit.

At mail call time, I was thrilled to see an envelope from my dear, dear Melody. I met her in Texas at that writing thing and we bonded over DMB and how much smarter we were than everyone else and god, why can’t you DRINK IN THIS PART OF THE STATE? I adored her then and I still do. I hear from her every now and then and she’s always off someplace like Russia or Scotland or Canada. But this was actual mail!

Folks, my Melody is getting married. September 3, in Oregon. So I need to figure out how to make this work because I must see her. Her fiancee is really cute (she sent a picture of them together) and they look so happy together. Thrilling!


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