Fun with craigslist, early mornings, and the hell?

To steal a blog subject from Kristy, I just have to share this response to a post I made on craigslist the other day:

i alo am 6 ft dark hair and have a goatee if it is me yor talking about i would love to ?take it from there,hank you

I’ve been awake for something like 3 hours and have been at work for a little over 1 hour and since I’m cutting caffeine out (temporarily, bitch), I am having a really, really hard time staying awake. I haven’t taken my medicine yet because I haven’t eaten yet because my body still thinks it’s in bed. I did, however, have the most wonderful thought on the way to work this morning. It was nice.

The hell? It was cold this morning! Cold and windy and perfect. The sky is a fabulous shade of blue and for the time being, everything is brilliant. I’m sure in a few hours it will return to its normal hazy self.

Let me tell you, there is nothing like getting in your car at 6:30am and turning up Before These Crowded Streets.

Oh, I did my budget yesterday afternoon. You know, I went through and figured up how much I spent in June and how much I’ve spent so far this month (granted, both have been a little odd for the spending) and it made me incredibly upset. I spend a lot of money on absolute crap, a majority of it from Starbucks (Jack needs to reimburse me). I’ve cut my Starbucks trips down to once a week, twice at the most, and I know I can buy almost an entire month’s worth of food at the Dollar Store for around $30.

Being grown up blows.


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  1. Being grown up blows.

    Amen, sister.

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