Eat me.

I pulled a Jack today and left the house wearing brown and black. Unlike University Politico, I am vastly unable to pull off anything daring when it comes to fashion. Not that this is so much daring as it is a result of a lack of shoes. I don’t think my fashion blunder is as hideous as his ensemble last Thursday (my god with the pants, Jack, sweetheart…NO). I have a pair of really cute brownish pants with very, very faint off-white and plum pinstripes. This morning I didn’t want to wear a button-down and the only short-sleeved thing I had was a brown shirt from Old Navy. Hmm. Brown shirt. Brown pants. I haven’t worn these pants in months because they stopped being comfortable because I stopped being the weight I was when I bought them. But this morning I pulled them out, just for fun, and prepared myself for a huge disappointment that would start my glorious Thursday out on the wrong foot.

Imagine my shock when they actually fit. I could probably stand to lose a few more pounds in order for them to look eye-poppingly hot, but I was so pumped that I found my cute pink thong (the one with the little pink BOW omg so cute) and immediately put on my brown outfit.

There was only one problem. I don’t own brown shoes aside from my Docs, which are battered and beaten and really don’t go well with dressy pants. I debated whether or not to ditch the outfit but I was so happy that the pants fit that I decided to screw fashion right in the ear and wear my black shoes.

I look like a big piece of chocolate. And if you squint, I bet you could mistake my feet for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for you. So my dear, I suggest you start at the bottom and work your way up for maximum health benefits.


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  1. My pride for you knows NO bounds right now. Girl, you are wearing black shoes with a brown outfit! SCORE ONE FOR THE SISTERHOOD.

    This just proves you are cooler than anyone in the world.

    I’d tell him to start somewhere near the middle. At the end of the alphabet…No Z? Ahhh, go straight to Y and have fun.

  2. *snorting with laughter*

    A little bit ago, I went to the back to use the bathroom and as I locked the stall door, I thought of that and had to lean against the wall to keep from falling to the floor.

    Computer nerd!John just called to tell me Howie was going to be at a Day In the Zone *snicker*

  3. I wore a thong to Summerfest. It’s the first time I’ve ever worn one in my life and it’s safe to say I won’t be doing it any time soon. Even though it’s so! cute! and I bought it at Torrid and it’s white with a star on the front made out of little star-shaped rhinestones! I wore it for Howie, gyeeeeeah!

    I love dark chocolate. I can only imagine how scrumptious you looked!

  4. I wear thongs on special occasions. Like when I wear the magic skirt. Because hello, I don’t want that ruined by an obscene panty line. I don’t mind it so much as long as it’s comfy. I have a couple of pairs that are horrendously uncomfortable. Not only do you get butt floss, but you get vagina floss too. OW. And just a word to the wise, don’t wear thongs that do that when you’re wearing a tampon. I’m just saying…

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