A childish wish for snow.

So after another morning of rehashing my life for a total stranger, this one less understanding than yesterday’s total stranger, I am exhausted and on edge and totally ready to strangle anyone who comes too near. I should’ve known the appointment would go wonky when I met the guy and I was at least three inches taller than him.

In other news…is there other news? I have to figure out today how much my bills are going to be next month and how much I’m going to need for Anaheim (ladies, I found a hotel with a family suite that sleeps 8 for $120 — split five ways, that’s pretty cheap! and it’s within walking distance of the HOB). I also have to talk with my boss about all this time I’m taking off for doctor’s appointments. He still hasn’t given me a time off sheet for August.

We caught an episode of I Want to Be a Hilton on Sunday night and it was so disturbing. First of all, look at those two teams. Notice anything? Yeah, one of them is “attractive” by sociatal standards and the other, sadly, isn’t. The “ugly” team is comprised of the down-home redneck boy, the loud and proud BBW, and the loud and somewhat clueless tomboy. Of course, these are the remaining three after four others were kicked off the team for sucking (according to Kathy Hilton’s standards).

And randomly, Kathy Hilton? Satan.

Last night, we caught the debut episode of 30 Days. This is good tv and I’m sad that I’ve missed so many episodes. They were running a marathon on FX last night but Daily Show came on and then Daria and you know how I am with TDS and Daria (the other night, the alternapalooza episode of Daria was on and when she changed into her black t-shirt and jeans, University Politico exclaimed, “Now she even LOOKS like you!”). Watching Morgan and Alex together was so incredibly uplifting. You know how I am about men and how, no matter their intentions, they are just lame and stupid and uncaring and vapid. But here is Morgan, excitedly gushing about the dinner he and Alex had for her birthday. How “there was food! And there’s Alex! Food! Alex! It was great!” But the reality of the show hit home. I don’t make minimum wage. I make far above it. I make more in a year than a family of four living below the poverty line does. And it’s just me. And I can barely make it work. Of course, my money management skills leave something to be desired.

Did you know that about 12.5% of this country’s population lives below the poverty level? That’s around $18,000 a year for a family of four. Can you feed and clothe your kids, take them to the doctor, feed YOURSELVES on $18,000 a year? Child care alone can cost up to $10,000 a year for one child. Scary, isn’t it?

The sad thing is, minimum wage hasn’t been raised in 8 years. I look around the Sacramento area and see the cost of apartments and the cost of living. People with money can’t afford to live here. It’s insane. Are people making more money? No. They’re just going into debt faster. I’m somewhat fortunate in that I don’t have a credit card because it would make living easier but debt that much more of a reality.

What do we do? Little kids are going to bed hungry all over the world. Where do we place our priorities? Do we pick a group of people who affect us the most and give to them? When we have so much and yet so little, how do we decide what to give someone who has nothing?


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  1. First of all, Kathy Hilton. Agreed.

    However, minimum wage in the nation as a whole? Because I know that state minimum wage in California went up four years ago when I was working and hasn’t it gone up since? I know it was supposed to, but that was before Bush got into office so I have no idea. I’m so not as up on Labor law as I used to be. Anyway, even with it going up, it’s still not enough to make it. Not with the rate that the cost of EVERYTHING is rising. People are spending more on gas just to get to work than they make in an entire day of work. Sometimes three days over the course of their bi-weekly checks. It’s INSANE!

    And seriously, where is this “booming” economy that is supposed to be happening? Because as far as I can tell, we aren’t in such great shape.

  2. Word. I should’ve clarified that the national minimum wage hasn’t gone up. Individual states, yes, I think. I don’t know much about California’s budget or wage increases because…you know…I just don’t :D

    It is insane. I make a lot of money for a single person with few bills. I know I spend a lot of money unwisely but I shouldn’t be as broke as I am every month. Anyway…I don’t know. So many people can’t afford to work. Isn’t that sad?

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