What ho? A penguin!

This morning I was standing in the kitchen, digging through my purse for my keys, and when I looked up, I saw a penguin floating in our pool. I freaked out because! we have some sort of penguin-esque contraption floating in our pool! We have named him Chris and hope that he doesn’t get thrown away.

I found out a bit ago that my book for anthropology is going to be $75 used. Excuse me? That’s a lot of money.

Also, Jude Law is a skeezy ho with a receding hairline.


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  1. Awww a penguin is a very good thing to have around. :OD

  2. It IS. I didn’t look yesterday evening to see if it was still there. I shall look tonight when I get home. I shall take pictures! Then everyone can see Chris the Penguin. :)

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