I think two phone calls after midnight disqualifies you.

Doesn’t common courtesy indicate that calling someone you don’t know after 10pm is rude?

He called again after midnight. I turned my phone off after that, so who knows how many times he called during the night. On his second post-midnight call, he left a message that said something like: I want writers who are friends! Call me! Number number number. His first message from 8:30 was full of apologies for making me uncomfortable and we could be friends, but if it progressed into something more, that’d be great.

Okay, Creepy. Delete.

I should back up. I sent him an email yesterday afternoon explaining that I wasn’t comfortable with the situation and I was sorry, but coffee wasn’t going to happen. I told him to keep writing because he was good and all that. Now, wouldn’t you assume that after you call someone who has sent you an email saying they aren’t comfortable with the situation and they don’t answer, that you should probably reply to their email? I mean, really. As of midnight last night, I didn’t have any email from him.

All I wanted to do was see Jack yesterday. That’s it. I didn’t even want him to talk to me (because he and I should always skip the small talk and get right to the part where there are no clothes). I guess, in a way, I got what I wanted. But I really would’ve rathered see him when I wasn’t hysterical, thank you.


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  1. That’s just weird…

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