Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, bad dreams, and #34.

First of all, the company that supplies water for our water cooler thingymajigger sucks because we have NO water. None. Except the nasty shit from the water fountain. Okay. Ew.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, there’s a Nordstrom anniversary sale catalogue on my desk. One of the women who used to work here still gets a lot of catalogues from various department stores or catalogue-only places. I’ve yet to go through the entire Nordstrom thing yet, but so far I’ve noticed that first two pages contain a lot of Sienna Miller Boho Bullshit clothes. Hi. World? She didn’t invent that look, so get off it already. Secondly, I turned the thing over to look at the back and there were ties. Lots of really hot ties that were about $60 (on sale — some of them are $100+ regularly!) but you know, hot, and I started thinking, which is not a good thing. One of the ties is PINK, which omg. Yeah. I know.

And it’s not like this day needed help getting off on the wrong foot. But the tie thing didn’t put me in a bad mood. In fact, it put me in a happy mood. A really happy mood. But before that, grrr! I overslept, which was no big deal because wow, I don’t care. But I do care that I dreamed about someone I never want to speak to or see ever again in my entire life. And I was doing really well NOT speaking to her but then she pissed me off and I snapped at her, asking her what she thought the rest of us had been doing for the past two years and I REALLY DON’T CARE THAT YOU BECAME AN ALCOHOLIC HEROIN ADDICT. Then I got mad at myself for talking to her and ugh! I woke up and was ANGRY. And have been ever since. Especially when I got to work and discovered that someone has been moved into her new office and I was left a note about our internal phone list.

Also, I just forgot to make the copy machine sort the stuff it’s copying. Damn! Stupid Sunday.

At our DMB show in Raleigh, they teased #34 for about a minute or so. We shrieked and yelled and generally died the entire time because they haven’t played #34 in twelve years. Twelve years. We knew they were going to come with the entire song at some point during the summer and last night at the Tweeter Center, they did just that. Seven minutes and some change of #34, complete with the break. It was beautiful. And I love DMB fans because the mp3 was up last night at around 10pm PST. I just hope they keep playing it off and on and that one of the “on” nights is in Marysville. Because I will die. Just die. That show is going to be the last of our summer shows (after a whirlwind week of Howie shows) and #34 would complete the concert season.


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