This afternoon when I was getting my backpack out of the backseat of my car, I rammed my head into the car. Stupid, yes but mighty painful. After adjusting to the major brain-shift that had just occured, I went on about my business. Fifteen minutes later, I had a raging headache and a very sick feeling in my stomach. An hour later, I was so stiff that I could barely move. Headache had subsided and so had the sick feeling. But I still ache and it sucks. All from banging my head into the car like a moron!

Also, I smell. After getting snarked at for no good reason, I worked out my anger in the bathroom. It isn’t the most perfect cleaning job since most of the cleaning supplies are GONE but much bleach-containing cleaner was used in the shower to get rid of all the crap. And I am sweaty and sore and OH MY GOD.

We need chocolate.


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  1. Yes, we do need chocolate. Chocolate and bread.

  2. *brings you an icepack for your achy head*

    *and chocolate and bread, since apparently you need these items*

  3. sounds to me like you were a bit concussed.

  4. The first week I got here, I hit my head numerous times getting in the car that we are borrowing from my uncle. It’s much lower than I am used to now and so getting into the car proved to be more difficult than expected. LOL

    To make matters worse, one day I hit my head so hard I thought that I was seriously going to pass out from the pain. And the whole time I’ve been here I’ve had a stiff neck :P stupidity at it’s finest!

    And look! LOL I’m back in the blogging world… uh, you know what I mean.

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